Walter the Dog 

Walter the Dog 

Walter the dog has a favorite hiding place. It’s an old box he found under the bed with a door on top. The old box is big enough for him to stretch out in, but small enough that no one can see inside of it. Walter loves to hide there and snooze as long as he can. When Walter the dog is asleep, he sometimes has nightmares. He would have a bad time of it if he could talk to his friends about his nightmares, but dogs don’t talk. They whine and snort instead.

What is good and bad about Walter the Dog?

Walter is a dog that likes to hide. This can be seen as good or bad depending on what you want from him. On the one hand, hiding allows him to avoid danger and get what he wants without interruption. On the other hand, hiding can also lead to Walter feeling lonely and out of touch with the world. It’s important to set limits on how much time Walter can spend hidden and provide positive reinforcement when he does come out.

Who is Walter the Dog?

Walter is a dog that likes to hide. He was found in an abandoned house in Detroit, Michigan and was brought to the Detroit Humane Society. Walter is a small dog that is shy but friendly and loves to play with his toys. His favorite spot to hide is under the couch. Walter gets along well with other dogs and is good at getting them to play with him. He would do best in a home as an only pet. Things to consider when adopting Walter:

Walter is neutered and up-to-date on all his vaccinations including rabies. If you are interested in adopting Walter please fill out our adoption application on our website.

How does Walter the Dog behave when we are at home?

Walter loves to hide when we are at home. When we first got Walter, he was a shy dog and would not come out when we called him. Over time, Walter has become more confident and now loves to hide when we are home. He will lay down in a corner or behind a couch and wait for us to come find him.

If we ignore him for too long, he will start to get restless and eventually come out where we can pet him. I have attached a photo of Walter at home. He has done everything that he can to let us know that he is happy and safe. We would be very sad if we ever had to give up Walter because of his behavior. 

Walter is a shy dog who loves to hide when we are not around. He will find a corner where he can stay out of sight and wait for us to come look for him. Sometimes, especially when we are eating, Walter will howl and bark during mealtimes which can make the whole family groan. 

How does Walter behave when we take him for walks?

Walter is a dog that likes to hide. This behavior can be frustrating when we want to take him for a walk, but he always seems to find a way to disappear! We first noticed this behavior when Walter was one year old, and it has continued to evolve over time.

Today, Walter likes to hide under furniture or in small spaces. He will often stay hidden for extended periods of time, which can be frustrating when we want to bring him out. However, if we wait long enough, Walter will usually come out and join us for a walk.

We believe that Walter’s tendency to hide is rooted in his past experiences. When Walter was first adopted, he may have been scared or anxious around people and dogs. As a result, he learned to hide in order to avoid being interacted with. Over time, this behavior became habitual and now it is part of who Walter is as an individual dog.

Despite his habit of hiding, Walter is actually a very friendly dog! He loves spending time with his family and enjoys playing fetch (although he often hides when we throw the ball). In spite of his quirks, we think Walter is still a pretty amazing dog!

What happens if he gets scared of something or someone?

Walter may be a cute little dog, but he’s also got a very defensive personality. That means if something or someone scares him, he may try to hide or run away. While this might seem like a cute behavior at first, it can actually lead to Walter getting into trouble. If he’s scared of people or other animals, he may not be able to properly interact with them and might become anxious or agitated. In some cases, Walter may even start to exhibit aggressive behavior.

So if you see your dog trying to hide or run away from something, try reassuring him that everything is okay and give him some space until he feels better. Walter was also really nervous and frightened when we first got him. It took weeks for Walter to start trusting us and it’s still a process, but he’s gotten much better at being around us. He likes being back in our family, but we’ve learned that the greatest way to help Walter overcome his anxieties is to prevent them from starting in the first place.

While some people may have had issues with their dogs’ behavior as puppies, we just needed to give these new experiences time so that they could become familiar and comfortable with them. But even then, it took months for Walter to get comfortable enough around other people or animals for him to be able to trust us completely.

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