Two Hands Corn Dog

When your parents asked you what you wanted to eat at the restaurant and you said “Two Hands Corn Dog,” they probably laughed. But if they had been taking notes on their iPhone while asking, they would have seen that one of the most popular recipes in the app was “Two Hands Corn Dog.”

What is a Two Hands Corn Dog?

Two Hands Corn Dog

Corn dogs are an American classic. They are small, crunchy, and fried. They are often served as a snack or appetizer. Corn dogs are made from either dough or batter, and then they are deep-fried. They are usually served with a variety of condiments including mustard and ketchup. Corn dogs are usually made from bread. They may also be made from cornbread, or corn flour.

In some regions, the name for the food comes from the potato that is used to make the batter or dough. The potato provides a starch for the batter or dough which thickens it. It also helps give the dog its characteristic shape when it bakes. Corn Dogs have been around since at least 1845 in Chicago as The Sandwich Company created a chili dog using beef and pork as ingredients in their own recipe. Potatoes were also used in this recipe along with other spices and seasonings. 

History of the Corn Dog

The corn dog is a popular street food in the United States and Canada. It is typically made from ground beef, cornmeal, salt, and sometimes onion powder or garlic powder. The dough is formed into a small ball and then deep-fried. It is traditionally eaten as a hot dog, but is often sold in frozen or refrigerated form. The corn dog has been considered to have originated in the 1920s at the Wisconsin State Fair and the Omaha State Fair.


In 1848, William Harlan of Chicago served “hot dogs” to his guests at a picnic on the grounds of his estate, Harlan Estate (now known as Harlan Oaks), and named them after his wife’s favorite type of sausage. He also introduced a new dish called “corn beef”, made from ground beef that had previously been rendered down from fresh beef chuck. In 1916, an advertisement for White Castle Foods Corporation claims that it was selling corned beef

Who Makes the Best Corn Dogs in Your Area?

When it comes to corn dogs, there is no doubt that two hands make the best corn dogs. And while there are many great corn dog makers out there, we decided to take a look at some of the best in your area. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic style corn dog or something a little more exotic, you’re sure to find a great maker on our list. 

1. Pete’s Dog House: Pete’s Dog House is definitely one of the classics when it comes to corn dogs. They make delicious and classic style corn dogs that will leave you wanting more. You definitely won’t be disappointed with anything you order from here!

2. Duke’s Dog House: Duke’s Dog House is another great option if you’re looking for something classic. They make delicious and fluffy corn dogs that are sure to please. Plus, they have a wide variety of other menu items so there is definitely something for everyone on their menu!

3. The Feed Store: The Feed Store is definitely one of the newer players on the block when it comes to great corn dogs. But, they sure make up for their lack of experience with the quality of their food. They have a large menu that covers just about everything you could want in a good corn dog. And, most importantly, these delicious corn dogs are made fresh daily!4. Cerrito: If you’re looking for something really unique and a little off-the-wall, then Cerrito is definitely a good option. They have create-your-own style options that include your choice of hotdog, sauerkraut, cheese or jalapeno peppers topped with bacon jam and sweet relish (among other things). 

What are the biggest mistakes people make when cooking a corn dog?

Corn dogs are a classic childhood favorite, but they can be tricky to make perfectly. Here are the biggest mistakes people make when cooking a corn dog: not prepping the dough properly, not baking them correctly, and not dipping them in the right batter. 

Corn dogs are a quintessential comfort food that is often made and enjoyed at home. However, the fact of the matter is that making them at home can be tricky! Your dog’s skin shouldn’t have a doughy or soggy texture, the batter shouldn’t taste too salty, and your dog should remain juicy! The process of making corn dogs can be really simple, but there are so many little things to take into account that it easy to screw up. Here are some of the biggest mistakes you can make when cooking corn dogs in order to get a great result:

1. Use fresh ingredients – The key to making a great corn dog is using fresh ingredients. This means choosing corn that has been fresh off the cob and not frozen. Frozen corn will not give you the same texture or flavor as fresh corn.

2. Don’t over mix – Over mixing your batter will result in a tough corn dog. Be sure to mix everything well, but don’t overdo it.

3. Preheat your oven – Another important factor in making great corn dogs is preheating your oven before you start baking. This will help ensure that your corn dogs come out crispy and golden brown.

4. Don’t forget the ketchup – One of the most important elements of a great corn dog is ketchup! Make sure to put plenty of it on your hot dogs before baking for the ultimate flavor experience.

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