Homophobic Dog Meme

Homophobic Dog Meme 

A controversial Homophobic Dog Meme  that was posted on Reddit has caused a lot of controversy and led to many people questioning whether or not it was racist. The question is, what can you do when the world is in such a polarized state? Reddit is a popular platform that allows users to post stories, memes and other content. However, the posts can be viewed by the general public or directly by users themselves.

Recently, one Reddit user posted a meme that said: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, come sit in my house.” The primary reason for this was to make fun of a friend who had recently done an interview with Christian Today. When the meme made its rounds on social media, it caused controversy. Many people felt it was vicious and insensitive. A number of people were calling for the mother of such a racist person to be held accountable for her child’s actions.

What is a Homophobic Dog Meme?

A homophobic dog meme is a phrase or image that refers to a gay person as a dog. The origin of the phrase is unknown. It rose to prominence on the internet in the late 2000s. Homophobic dog memes are typically used to mock or insult gay people.

The History of the Homophobic Dog Meme

The history of the homophobic dog meme dates back to 2006. A user on 4chan created a picture of a dog with its mouth taped shut, representing the act of gay people being silenced. The meme quickly spread online and was often used as an insult against LGBT individuals. 

In recent years, the meme has resurfaced on various websites and forums, often causing controversy. In 2017, for example, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) received several reports of the meme being used to harass LGBT people. In response, SPLC created a guide to spotting and avoiding homophobic dog memes on social media. 

Homophobic Dog Meme

While the meme may be offensive to some, it has also become something of a cultural icon in its own right. In 2018, for example, rapper Wale released a song called “The Gayest Dog in the World” . It featured the rapper dressed up as a rainbow-colored dog with a tape over its mouth representing the homophobic dog meme. The song was based on a meme that had been circulating in the hip-hop community prior to the appearance of Wale’s remix featuring several other artists and singers.

On social media, depending on the age of one’s audience, it can be difficult to know how to respond to jokes about violence. Especially against LGBT people without being perceived as prejudiced. Therefore, some journalists have employed humor in order to avoid offending readers or viewers. This is particularly true when reporters are generating content for websites. They focus primarily on news stories and political affairs, like Twitter and Facebook.

In 2013, for example, following a mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard in which 12 people were killed by gunman Aaron Alexis. Then-ABC News anchor George Stephan opoulos famously tweeted: “The first thing I want to know is why was Paul Ryan smiling?” The tweet was likely intended to elicit a laugh from readers. It also seemed to suggest that the shooting wasn’t actually all that serious.

There are other times when journalists have taken a lighter approach to violence against LBT people. In 2014, for example, “the Daily Show” host Trevor Noah tweeted about an incident. A transgender woman Monifa Sterling was shot and killed by another driver in Brooklyn. Noah prefaced the tweet with a disclaimer reading: “I joke around on Twitter a lot, but the Monifa Sterling story is too upsetting and real. 

What Happened to the Homophobic Dog Meme?

Since its inception in 2009, the homophobic dog meme has been a popular online joke. But after resurfacing online earlier this year, the meme has stirred up controversy. Why? Well, because some people find it offensive to suggest that homosexuality is a sin.

Reddit user grimreaper submitted the image macro to the site’s r/funny subreddit in February. The post quickly garnered upvotes. Some Redditors became offended by the insinuation that homosexuality is a bad thing. As a result, grimreaper’s post was removed from the site.

But the meme isn’t going away any time soon. A recent Twitter poll found that 2 out of 3 respondents found the meme funny. So why all the upset reactions? It probably has something to do with how society views homosexuality. In many countries, including America, discrimination against gays and lesbians is still legal.


So while some people find the homophobic dog meme funny, others feel that it’s offensive and derogatory. In the end, it seems like this joke will only continue to circulate if we don’t take notice and start talking about it. 

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