Denver Dog Bite Attorney

As the number of dog bites reported in Colorado has increased, so has the demand for dog bite attorneys. Dog bite attorneys are required to show up in court and argue for those who have been injured by a dog. In this article, you will find everything you need to know about becoming a Denver Dog Bite Attorney and how the process works from start to finish.

Denver Dog Bite Attorney

The Denver dog bite attorneys at The Law Offices of Alan R. Schwartz are experienced in handling dog bite cases. The law office has a team of attorneys who are available to offer guidance and support during your case. There is no fee to become a Denver dog bite attorney at The Law Offices of Alan R. Schwartz, and the office offers free consultations to new clients.

After you have decided to pursue legal action, the next step is to meet with an attorney at The Law Offices of Alan R. Schwartz. During this meeting, the attorney will ask you questions about the incident. This will get a better understanding of your case. After the meeting, the attorney will provide you with a legal strategy and will outline the steps that you need to take in order to win your case.

If you have been injured by a dog in Colorado, call The Law Offices of Alan R. Schwartz for help.

Statistics on Denver Dog Bites

According to the City of Denver’s website, there have been an average of 1.5 bites per day reported to 311 since March of 2015. This equates to about 7.2 bites per week or 33.3 bites per month. The most common type of bite is a dog nipping (44% of bites). Next most common are “dog on dog” biting incidents (30%), followed by “human-on-dog” incidents (16%).

The most common breed of dog that has bitten someone in Denver is the American Bulldog (27%). Other breeds include Boxers, Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, and Rottweiler’s. The age group that is most likely to be bitten by a dog is children between the ages of 5-9 years old (31%).

How to Choose a Lawyer When You’ve Been Bitten by a Dog

When you’ve been bitten by a dog, it’s natural to want to find a lawyer. Here are four tips to help you choose the right one:

  1. Get a consultation. Before you hire a lawyer, it’s important to get a consultation. During this meeting, the lawyer will assess your case and provide you with an estimate of what they would charge.
  2. Ask about experience with dog bite cases. It’s important to ask the lawyer about their experience with dog bite cases. Some lawyers have more experience than others and may be better equipped to handle your particular situation.
  3. Check out references. After getting a consultation from the lawyer, it’s important to check out their references. Make sure that the references are people who know the law and can give you an honest opinion of the lawyer’s skills.
  4. Compare prices and services offered by different lawyers. Once you have interviewed several lawyers, it is important to compare prices and services offered by each one of them in order to find the best fit for your specific needs

Tips for Self Defense against Dogs

If you are the victim of a dog bite in Denver, there are some important tips to keep in mind.

First and foremost, if you are bitten by a dog, do not try to fight back. Fighting against a dog will only make the situation worse. It could lead to serious injury or even death. Instead, keep your cool and try to maintain control of the situation.

If you are bitten on the arm or hand, use that hand to push the dog away from you. On necessary moments, use your other hand to grab onto the dog’s collar or fur and pull away as quickly as possible while yelling for help. If possible, stay calm and avoid making any physical contact with the dog.

If you’re attacked by more than one dog at once, try to back away slowly while keeping your eyes on the dogs. On getting attacked again, scream for help and run towards a safe place as fast as you can.
If you are bitten in the face, try to keep your head still and pinch your nose shut. Bite back as hard as you can if the dogs start to attack. When you’re able to get away, try to rinse the blood off your mouth and face with water.

What is Your Legal Right to Protect Yourself against a Biting Dog?

If you are the victim of a dog bite in Denver, you have several legal rights that you may want to protect yourself against.

You may have a right to sue the dog’s owner. You may also have a right to seek compensation for your injuries, including medical expenses and lost wages. If the dog was dangerous or vicious, you may be entitled to additional legal protections.
If you are the victim of a dog bite in Colorado, you should speak with an attorney about your legal rights.

Filing a Lawsuit after Being Bitten by a Dog

If you’ve been bitten by a dog and have suffered physical or emotional injuries, filing a lawsuit may be your best option. A Denver dog bite attorney can help you determine whether filing a lawsuit is the right move for you and help you prepare the case.

If you’re able to prove that the dog’s owner was negligent in owning or caring for the animal, you may be able to recover money damages. In some cases, an attorney may be able to get the dog owner’s insurance company to pay damages out-of-pocket on your behalf.
If you’re considering filing a lawsuit, it’s important to contact a Denver dog bite attorney as soon as possible. A lawyer can help you evaluate your case and decide whether to take action.

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