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Crusty White Dogs: Uncover the Secrets of These Cute Pets

Who are crusty white dogs?

Crusty white dogs refer to dogs of white breeds that may exhibit discolorations, mucus buildup, or eye crust. These peculiar characteristics have led internet enthusiasts to affectionately dub them “crusty white dogs.” Breeds like Shih Tzu and Pugs are frequent contenders for this endearing title due to the occasional presence of eye crust, even though it doesn’t diminish their overall charm.

In this age of burgeoning internet trends, virtually anyone or anything can achieve meme status overnight, be it a person, a vehicle, a political figure, or, as it happens, a dog. Among the latest obsessions of meme creators is the endearing yet peculiar world of “ugly white dogs,” where these charming canines find themselves in the spotlight.

Exploring the Enigma of Crusty White Dogs

We delve into the world of Crusty White Dogs, a phenomenon that has recently gained notoriety. You may have seen viral videos featuring these white dogs, which seem to attract an unusual amount of negativity. But what’s driving this trend, and why are people so worked up?

Three Crusty White Dogs

The internet is abuzz with memes labeling these canines unattractive, disgraceful, the worst of the worst, and even the most despised dog breed ever. To unravel the mystery surrounding these dogs and the trend that surrounds them, let’s begin by understanding what it truly means to be a “crusty white dog” and the reasons behind the widespread perception of their unattractiveness.

Deciphering the Mystery of Crusty White Dogs

Who exactly are these “Crusty White Dogs”? These dogs are afflicted with eye crust, where dried tears and mucus accumulate around their eye fur, earning them this unique moniker. While dealing with tear stains can be challenging, proper care and treatment can help eliminate this unsightly crust from your dog’s eyes.

However, neglecting this issue can lead to many problems, including allergies, eye irritation, and itching. Sometimes, it can even progress to the point where these tear stains become a permanent fixture, hence the term “crusty.” Unfortunately, for white dog breeds, these stains can detract from their appearance, leading to perceptions of unattractiveness.

In the internet and meme culture, owning a white dog with teary, crusty eyes is often stigmatized, contributing to the perception that it’s a matter of shame.

 The Origins of Crusty White Dogs as a Viral Meme Phenomenon

The emergence of Crusty White Dogs as a meme sensation can be traced back to TikTok, where many videos began to depict these dogs as shady, unattractive, and even disgraceful. This viral trend quickly spilled over to platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram, gaining momentum.

In response to the meme onslaught, dog owners who had white dogs with crusty eyes took to the internet to defend their beloved pets. They countered the negativity with positive videos highlighting the merits of owning a white dog. However, the meme world remained unforgiving, persisting in labeling these canines among the worst dog breeds. This contentious debate generated a wealth of content, resulting in a staggering 10,000+ videos dedicated to this peculiar and polarizing topic.

Regardless of a dog’s coat color, whether white, black, or brown, eye crust and mucus can afflict canines across the spectrum. However, certain dog breeds tend to exhibit more conspicuous symptoms of these ocular concerns. Among the white dog breeds, the following are particularly susceptible to developing crusty eyes, colloquially known as “eye boogers”:

  1. Shih Tzu
  2. Maltese
  3. Pugs
  4. White Poodle
  5. White Pomeranian

It’s worth noting that these breeds are among the most commonly adopted dogs worldwide. Responsible pet owners must manage their dog’s tearful eye conditions despite lack of recognition from the outside world.

Why Do White Dogs Get Crusty Eyes?

The development of crusty eyes in white dogs stems from the accumulation of tear stains, mucus, and pus near their eyes. Neglecting dogs’ eye cleaning leads to tear stains evolving into uncomfortable, unsightly crust formations. Regular eye-cleaning routine for dogs is crucial to avoid crust/mucus build-up; vital responsibility of a caring dog owner.

How To Clean Crust From Your Dog’s Eyes?

Removing crust and stains from your dog’s eyes is essential for grooming. Below are some gentle liquids that come in handy for routine eye grooming of your dog:

Angels’ Eyes Natural Tear Stain Prevention Soft Chews for Dogs

Vetericyn Plus Dog and Cat Eye Wash

In Conclusion

It’s fine to cherish and care for something, regardless of outside criticism or disapproval. Memes shouldn’t devalue love and respect for all creatures amid their dominance as a mode of expression. Adopting an animal nurtures them, offers comfort and gains them as a grateful companion, enhancing their well-being.

When assigning blame, the responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of humans, not the animals. If pet owners fail to provide proper care, it’s only natural for various health issues and syndromes to arise. To those who engage in hate, consider how would you feel if someone close to you became the subject of widespread online criticism? Can you genuinely stomach the negative videos and comments directed at that person or animal?

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