12 Most Popular small dog breeds

If you are Looking for the Most popular small dog breeds, then your scrolling ends here. In this article, we have covered the most popular small dog breeds that are best suited for apartments and for small-sized families. Small dogs are very cute and very loving . These dogs are the best friend of children

These dogs don’t bark much so we can keep them with us they even very socialize easily and become very friendly with the other dogs and cats and kids and even other people. 

Here we start our list of the 12 Most popular small dog breeds


chihuahua - dogsforum

This Mexican breed is another good choice for families because of its compact size. Chihuahuas love to play and tend to bark a lot, so be prepared for a noisy dog if you bring one home. Because of their small size, chihuahuas should not be left outdoors unattended because they can be injured or killed by other animals or people.

They have a lifespan of 15-20 years and will need daily walks and playtime. Their small size makes them a good option for living in an apartment or condo, so long as they get enough exercise to stay healthy.

Qualities of the dog
  • Playful, noisy, loyal.
  • Courageous, alert, lively.



It’s no secret that pugs make amazing pets, but what makes them such great apartment dogs? their size. Pugs weigh in at an average of 20 to 25 pounds about half that of a golden retriever which means they can certainly get around (and get into trouble) easily and take up very little space in your home.

what’s more, pugs are very social pets who love spending time with their human families

Qualities of the dog
  • Good looking and cute
  • Low space holder
  • Always be friendly with everyone

Yorkshire Terrier


The Yorkshire terrier is a great apartment occupant if you don’t mind the daily walks necessary to keep its long coat from tangling or from becoming overweight from its voracious appetite.

This breed loves being around people, so be prepared to let it sit on your lap while you watch television.

Qualities of the dog
  • Very social dogs
  • An active and intelligent breed
  • Hypoallergenic
  • The good family dog and home protector too
  • Suitable for big family also because it’s very friendly with kids, other pets and people also.

French Bulldog

french bulldog

The French Bulldog is a popular breed with kids and adults alike because of its human-like facial expressions. French Bulldogs are gentle, affectionate, and easy to train but can be stubborn at times. They need daily exercise and enjoy long walks or playtime in the backyard. Daily brushing will keep FrenchBulldogs’ short, shiny coats groomed and healthy. This breed is known to live 10-12 years or more.

Qualities of the dog

  • Calm, gentle, patient.


Poodle dog

The poodle comes in three sizes toy, miniature, and standard all of which can be good apartment dogs depending on the individual dog’s personality.

Some individuals will do better with a smaller space while others can manage well enough in a larger living arrangement.

Qualities of the dog
  • Very social dogs
  • An active and intelligent breed
  • Hypoallergenic
  • The good family dog and home protector too



The beagle is a great family pet for apartment dwellers because it has a relatively small stature and loves to eat so much that you can always have leftovers.

They are also active dogs that need lots of exercises but relatively little space, which makes them perfect for romping around inside apartments.

Qualities of the dog
  • They are very social
  • They don’t need much space



Dachshund owners, beware! If you’re looking for a low-maintenance pet, this is not the breed for you! Long Haired Dachshunds need daily brushing and grooming to keep their coats from matting.

They can be loyal, loving, and playful but might be too small for children. Because of their size, they are best suited as indoor dogs and have a typical lifespan of 12-15 years.

Qualities of the dog
  • Loving, patient, playful.
  • Inquisitive, alert, charming.



The Pomeranian is a fluffy breed that loves to play and receives lots of attention from family members. They’re alert and ready for action at all times, so they aren’t a good fit for families with small children or other pets because they might be easily startled.

A daily walk will keep them healthy, but they can also be energetic indoor dogs if they get enough exercise. Pomeranians will need grooming every few months to maintain their lustrous coats. They have a typical 12-15 years and do best when kept as indoor pets in safe environments.

Qualities of the dog
  • Playful, alert, affectionate.
  • Outgoing, lively, animated.



Maltese is a small size dog breed that weigh under 7 pounds. They are good with other dogs and are playful with children’s. Maltese stands at height of 7-9 inches.Life Expectancy of Maltese are 12-15 years.

Maltese are protective for their owners .They having coat type silky and have long coat length.

Qualities of the dog
  • Playful,Charming,Gentle
  • Lovey-Dovey
  • adaptable

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

embroke Welsh Corgi

Corgis are among most small household dog breeds . They are smart and intelligent dog breed . corgi weigh up to up to 30 pounds and stand at a height of 10-12 inches. Corgis are affectionate with family. They having protective nature and having good energy level.

Qualities of the dog
  • Affectionate / Smart / Alert
  • strong, athletic
  • little herder


border terrier

Border terries is playfully and happy dog breed . They stand at height of 12-15 inches and weigh around 13-15.5 pounds . Border terrier are protective in nature and loving with their families . Border terries is ideal small dog breed.

Qualities of the dog
  • Affectionate / Happy / Plucky
  • Adaptable
  • Playfull

Small dog breed are always first choice while adopting a dog for families . They are very cute and loving and affectionate with familes.These dog breeds are also mine favorites . so that’s it we have explore the most popular small dog breeds.Atlast I would like to say thank you for thinking to adopting a puppy.

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